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Natural Made Brand Story

《Natural Made》upholds the principles of being naturaleco-friendly and safe since the brand was established in 2015 as a Hong Kong manufacturer of natural baby products to satisfy the demand for quality in Hong Kong and the international markets. The company is committed to making exceptional products using environmentally friendly biodegradable natural materials and resources. Safety also comes first for our products designed for infants and young children.

The logo of《Natural Made》conveys the brand ethos of integrating nature into baby products and reflects the brand’s dedication in developing and designing innovative and natural products for infants and young children.


3 brand concepts of Natural Made

(1) natural

We carefully select natural materials to make our products, because this can give babies and children the most natural contact, and can let parents feel safe, also bringing people closer to the nature. One of the product series is made of polylactic acid which is extracted from corn starch, and natural design with no painting.

(2) eco-friendly

Some product series are biodegradable after discard, which can return to the soil so as to protect the earth. There are also product series that use recycle materials to conserve earth resources. In addition, we do not use any plastics on the packaging, and only use recycle paper and soy ink printing in order to fully implement our eco concept.

(3) safe

All products have complied with European safety standard, including food-grade products, which is a guarantee of safety. Also, we have introduced antimicrobial technology during production to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the material, so that the antimicrobial rate up to 99.9%, which is complied with international standard. In addition, all products are sleek design with safety as the priority.


“Natural Made” was established in Hong Kong in 2015 and completed the trademark registration. The Chinese name of the brand is “娜卓美”, and the trademark registration was also completed in China in 2020 and Hong Kong in 2021.