Our Story

Natural Made Brand Story


Our mother company was established in 1984 in Hong Kong. We have extensive experience in R&D as well as manufacturing technology and obtained a number of quality certifications. We are exporting a large quantity of high-quality toys to Japan, the United States and Europe countries.

We have objective to manufacture exceptional high-quality products, thus natural material and resources are very important factors, thus to include natural materials into production has become a new challenge for us. Moreover, in order to meet the purpose of environmental protection, the material needs to be biodegradable. In addition, as infants and young children are the main users of our products, safety has become the key factor. We have decided that natural, eco-friendly and safety to be the concepts of our aim core values. Therefore in 2015 our own Hong Kong brand, Natural Made was born, in order to satisfy the superior demand in Hong Kong and the international markets by manufacturing natural baby products.

The brand logo of Natural Made involves several graphic designs, conveying the brand message about the combination of baby product and the nature. Natural Made is dedicated to develop and design innovative products, including infants and young children cutlery, teether, electronic toys, etc., and we will establish various sales channels, so that more consumers can enjoy the natural infant and young children products which are designed in Hong Kong.